* RubyKaigi2011 Admission Instruction

by @darashi

How to obtain your ticket

rubykaigi2011 ticket sample

Admission Instructions

  • Please bring a print-out of your ticket (or display on your mobile device). Printing your ticket is better for smooth admission because it does not need electricity and WiFi connection :).
  • Show your ticket at the reception on your first day. We will hand out a name tag.
  • You are required to wear your name tag while you are in the venue.
  • For security reasons you must show your name tag when you re-enter the venue.

Attendees who applied to "Free Admission Program For Students"

  • Bring your student ID and show it at the reception.


  • Tickets will not be sold at the door on the day.
  • In order to attend the party (on the 2nd day at Ikebukuro), you need "party ticket" that is different from the conference (Kaigi).
  • For the party admission instruction, we will make further announcement in a few days.

* 懇親会受付のお知らせ


※ 懇親会チケットは完売しています。

  • 日付:7月17日(日)
  • 時間:20時00分~22時00分(開場 19時30分~)
  • 場所:サンシャイン60 58階 サンシャイン・クルーズ・クルーズ
  • 地図:Map(地下のエレベータから58階まで上ってください)



懇親会チケットは http://rubykaigi.org/my_tickets から確認できます。スマートフォンからチケットを確認する手順については http://rubykaigi.tdiary.net/20110712.html#p02 に記載されています。



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Full Length <a href=http://www.sustainablebc.org/node/977/>Click Link </a> insoles may also be adjustable and consequently offer the gradual height increase I mentioned above <br><a href=http://mswiki.ctsd.k12.nj.us/groups/comtechsurveypages/wiki/cde17/The_facts_Regarding_Leg_Lengthening_Risks_Peoples_Lives.html>mens shoe lifts</a> <br>http://www.myspotz.nl/pg/forum/topic/25484/leg-lengthening-is-pricey/

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Adjustable heel Lifts are excellent for each the novice and also the experienced user, the newbie can gradually increase the height, beginning using the thinnest insert and as they become more certain footed, adding further inserts until their desired height increase is achieved <br><a href=http://www.bia2facebook.com/index.php?do=/profile-5711/info/>Click This Link</a> <br>http://www.sibiaadmissions.com/_blog/sibia_admissions_blog/tag/hard_copy_applications/?kid=76f2516e-98cd-7b08-920f-000011548011

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heel Lifts and the Achilles tendon might not seem to have a lot in common, but the reality is the fact that heel Lifts are often utilized for therapeutic therapy when there are problems with this sensitive tendon <br><a href=http://veza.org/mreza/profile/BradQgv>Click This Link</a> <br>http://adsvote.com/phpmotion/read_blog/23185/wear-making-use-of-shoe-lifts-and-seem-taller

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Most shoes can easily accommodate the inclusion of heel Lifts but in the event you discover that your usual brand is also narrow then you might want to shop 1 size bigger <br><a href=http://swapspeak.com/blogs/entry/Its-Not-Difficult-To-Start-Looking-Tall>My Site</a> <br>http://reliablemall.com/PenniS

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