* Keep in shape (Beware of its being hot here in Tokyo).

by @shyouhei

As you know, after the nuclear crisis, power supply in Tokyo area (the Kaigi venue) is short. To prevent large scale blackout the conference hall is forced not to use so much electricity. For instance, vending machines are turned off there. Also, their air conditioner might not be fully functional.

So everyone please, keep in shape. The Kaigi team are awaking alarms of heat stroke. Please come to the Kaigi in a cool clothing. Take adequate and frequent rehydration as well as sugar / salt solutions. It is also said that a good and enough sleep prevents Hyperthermia. If you find yourself being ill, or not feeling well, please contact those Kaigi staffs immediately.

Note for attendees from the Southern Hemisphere: it is midsummer in Japan. Japan belongs to the temperate zone. Its summer is said to be "hot and humid". Even without the power shortage you can easily get ill in this season -- especially during your trip.

* 体調管理に気をつけましょう(暑い件)






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