* Announcing Tokyo Ruby Kaigi 10 #tkrk10

This is Paul, one of the organisers of the upcoming Tokyo Ruby Kaigi 10, a regional Ruby Kaigi which is scheduled for January 13th and 14th, 2013.

This post contains an overview of the Japanese Ruby Kaigi ecosystem to better understand what Tokyo Ruby Kaigi 10 is about.

The most famous Ruby conference in Japan is Ruby Kaigi, which before it went on hiatus last year drew over 900 participants. But in addition to *the* Ruby Kaigi, Japan also has many smaller Ruby conferences, dubbed Regional Ruby Kaigi. These grassroots conferences have traditionally been single day events, with at most one hundred participants. The main focus of these regional conferences has been the local community, with most of the speakers and participants from the local area.

Even in Tokyo, an area with 30 million people, regional Ruby Kaigi have had space for only about 100 people. For Tokyo Ruby Kaigi 10 though, we’re going to try something different and have space for 400 participants. Despite its larger size though, we are going to keep the atmosphere of a traditional regional Ruby Kaigi, and focus on getting together Rubyists in Tokyo.

Since Tokyo is Japan’s most cosmopolitan city, with Rubyists of many different backgrounds, for this regional Ruby Kaigi, were going to have English information too. The main language of the conference itself will be Japanese, but we welcome you to join us regardless of your Japanese ability.

To learn more about the conference, see our official site. The site includes our call for presentations which ends on the 24th of this month.

We hope you will join us for Tokyo Ruby Kaigi 10!

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